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Dear Friend, 

I heard you’re stuck in a rut with your exercise routine. It is a global pandemic after all, and everything is canceled/closed/changed. Limited capacity at the gym, if it’s even open, fewer in-person fitness classes, and just nothing the same.  I hear you! Just because I’m really into wellness doesn’t mean I avoid the struggle to exercise. 

Why is physical fitness so important? According to the CDC, “regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health.” 

I never imagined I’d be one to workout at home; exercise videos were NOT my thing. Enter global pandemic. All of a sudden I no longer had my twice a week strength training class. No more pool for swimming laps and no more treadmill for rainy days. Without my routine, I was out of sorts; I had a harder time being patient with my kids, I wasn’t sleeping as well, and I felt like a blob who just couldn’t get moving. 

I was accustomed to my designated time and space to exercise, then it vanished.  All the kids were home all the time, my job became immediately chaotic as it went virtual, and I struggled to find large chunks of time for working out. 

“Challenge yourself to change yourself”

Chris Freytag

Slowly I realized that if I was going to exercise, I had to make a mindset shift. 10-15 minute spaces of time became just enough to do some arm or leg strengthening exercises. I didn’t need to break a sweat or make a big ordeal about getting a workout it. Over time, these intervals became longer as we figured out pandemic life. But I still rely on short bursts in my day to fit in exercise. 


Ten to 20 minute intervals are perfect for the mom who is cooking, cleaning, and exercising during nap time. Ten to 20 minutes is enough to exercise before you start your busy work day. Eventually, these 10-20 minute intervals will become longer as you begin to see the rewards of consistent exercise and make more space in your day. 


CHALLENGE: Three days this week, find a 10 minute interval to exercise! Comment below and let me know how it went!

Exercise Favorites

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