Wellness and Motherhood

Dear Mom Friend, 

Wellness and Motherhood, what a loaded topic. With the presence of social media, we get a perspective into the lives of many other moms. There are mommy blogs, facebook groups, and influencers.  How do all these moms get all the things done during the day? How am I supposed to fit exercise, cooking and cleaning into my day? How do I not compare myself to the moms on instagram, as well as the moms at the bus stop? And how can I think of wellness for myself when there are so many people depending on me?

I sincerely believe that wellness is vital to motherhood. By making space for wellness, we care for ourselves and therefore take better care of those around us. You’re asking yourself, how do I start? You’ve got 3 kids under 5 at home and a partner working long hours. Or, you manage daycare pickup and drop-off each day, just barely touching down when you land at home for the rush of dinner and bedtime. 

These are big questions without straightforward answers. One answer, however, is changing the way you think about and perceive wellness. 

Here are mindset shifts to help bring your mind and body closer to wellness:


Embrace your place and live in your season

We’ve all heard of the idea of ‘seasons’ of life. Well it’s true. Time scheduled around feedings evolves into preschool drop-off and then meeting the school bus. Acknowledge that, yes, you might be in a tough season right now, but it won’t last forever!! Embrace where you are and set realistic goals for your current season of life. 

When I had 3 kids under the age of 4, there is no way I would have attempted to train for a 10 mile running race, not a chance! But now that my kids are 8, 8, and 6, going for a long run on Saturday mornings is very doable. 

Check out the book “The Lazy Genius Way” to learn more about living in your season.


Notice what you already do for Wellness

Are you an avid reader? Do you listen to podcasts? Enjoy cooking? Intentionally connect with friends? If so, you are already doing wellness! Notice the little things you already do in a day and mentally call them Wellness. Then build on your success! You can do wellness because you already are. 


Let some things go

Making time for exercise and wellness might mean letting some things go.  I know this is so tough; as moms, we set such high standards for ourselves and our mothering responsibilities. I used to pride myself on feeding my kids homemade, healthy snacks. Easy enough when everyone was home and we could just grab something from the fridge. But now all 3 are in school and I just don’t have the time and mental space to create homemade snacks in addition to packing lunches! So we do something I told myself I’d never do: take an individually packaged snacks (I can’t believe that I’m admitting this to the world, but Pirates Booty is saving my life). The time saved by not making muffins and trail mix means more time for me doing what I enjoy. 

Since I’ve already confessed my prepackaged snack strategy, I might as well confess about screen time for my kids. Here’s the deal: I like to run in the mornings and my husband likes to sleep. I’m a much more pleasant person when I exercise in the mornings, everyone is better off. My husband is a much more pleasant person when he doesn’t have to wake up before 7am, everyone is better off. So what do we do with two 2-year-olds who think 6:15am is a great time to start the day? Utilize the babysitter known as Daniel Tiger. I would meet friends to run at 5:45am two mornings a week (social time plus workout = awesome!), and before leaving home, I’d turn the TV on to PBS. Seriously. I got my run in, my toddlers would waddle out of bed and watch TV for a half hour, and my husband would sleep. Thinking back, I can’t believe this worked, but it did! And I feel no guilt. We were all more pleasant people because of this strategy. Now, my kids know that on Saturday mornings they get to roll out of bed and watch Netflix because Mom is running and Dad is sleeping. Wellness wins!


Each minute counts- they all add up

 I challenge you to add 5 minutes a day of a “Wellness Activity.” I’m not saying go meditate each day for 5 minutes, just start to add little bits here and there. There are countless resources on YouTube for 5-10 minute workouts. You don’t even need to change your clothes, just find a 5 minute ab workout and go for it (hint: create a playlist on YouTube of short workout videos you like for quick access). 

Keep a book in your car so that when you’re in the pick-up line, you can read instead of scroll. Or sit in the parking lot of the grocery store and read for 5 minutes before you go inside!


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