Every Minute Counts

Just Ten Minutes

Dear Busy Person,

Ten Minutes.  That’s it. Don’t worry, I’m not asking that you meditate for 10 minutes; I mean go for it, if that’s your goal. But 10 minutes of exercise. Embrace your athleisure wardrobe and put the “athlete” part to work. 

I’ve been struggling lately to get a good second strength workout in during the week. Maybe I lack the energy and stamina at the end of the week, maybe I’m tired out from working. Who knows.

But I’m trying a new thing. I have my favorite short workouts saved on a YouTube playlist: a 10 minute abdominals, a 10 minute upper body, and a 10 minute lower body.  These workouts don’t have jumping or crazy cardio- I don’t break a sweat.

Necessary equipment, dumbbells and resistance band, is kept right on the floor in front of the TV so there is no “I can’t find what I need” excuse. And I write ‘workout’ on my to do list- things written here get done. So the minute dinner is in the oven, or the kids are actually playing nicely, I go to my YouTube playlist and work my muscles for 10 minutes.  Check that off the list!

A while ago, I wouldn’t have counted this 10 minutes as actual workout; I needed to have my workout clothes on, move intensely for 30 minutes, and break a sweat in order to call it a workout. But I’m learning and teaching myself that any little bit counts. My body thanks me for taking the time to strengthen my muscles, no matter how long that time is. 

Confession: I’m still learning how to accomplish the 10 minutes on my busy work days. Now that I’m shifting to more in-person time at my job, I can’t whip out my dumbbells while in yet another virtual meeting. On days that my schedule is lighter, yes, I can sneak in the 10 minutes at the beginning or end of my workday. But I haven’t mastered squeezing 10 minutes in when my schedule is booked solid. But I’m getting there!

Ten Minutes. I’m committing to ten minutes, not daily, but 2-3 times per week to get my strength training in. Anyone going to join me?


One thought on “Every Minute Counts

  1. I just made it through all of March with 2 ten minute workouts per week thanks to your encouragement and guidance! That’s 10 times more than I’ve done a strength workout for the last year!

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