2021 Reflections


Dear Reader,

I’m in that tangled up place, reflecting on last year, thinking ahead about next year. Recalling races and adventures; guessing, planning, hoping for this year. It was the big things mixed with the little things that shaped 2021 for me. 

The Big Things

  • Running was my constant. Time to focus on one foot in front of the other. Time to consider the the ramifications of sending the kids to school, gathering with others, and all that this pandemic year brought us. Through it all, I kept running. By myself sometimes, but often with dear friends at my side. 
  • I didn’t start the race. I set up my gear, pinned on my race bib, and didn’t start the race. A first for me. Despite being trained to race the triathlon, the morning came and I just couldn’t do it. Thankfully, I did another triathlon a couple weeks later for my first in-person race in 2 years.
  • I turned 40!  Feeling much more confident than when I was at 30; more sure of myself, listening to my intuition, strengthening my body. 
  • Intermittent fasting worked until it didn’t. For 2 years, following a 16:8 eating pattern helped me make smart food and snacking choices. But for a variety of reasons, that pattern of eating no longer works for me and my body now. So I’m trying something new!
  • Yoga is now a foundation of my week. A new yoga studio opened in my neighborhood and I’m hooked. Starting my day with yoga is grounding and strengthening. I just wish I could go more!
  • Wellness Coach Training has kept me learning, growing, and just down right busy. I started a training program though WellCoaches this fall and I love all that I’m learning, but it’s a lot of work! (Let me know if you want to work with a wellness coach for free-I’m always looking for clients). 

The Little Things

  • Water: swimming with my kids, canoeing, kayaking, boating. 
  • Winter: skating, skiing, the stillness and quiet of snow
  • Road trips: exploring new places, quality hours together
  • Camping: giggling in the tent, campfires, washing dishes outside
  • Books: reading for myself; reading Harry Potter to my kids

Here’s to fond memories of 2021 and a happy, healthy 2022!


“Look more at who you are becoming that what you have done.”

  -Kendra Adachi-


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